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General care of your rental property
We look forward to working together as you embark on the process of settling in to your new home. It is important you are aware of all requirements throughout the time you are in the property.
In order to protect the return of your bond it is important that you let us know of any problems that may arise to the property as soon as possible.
Below are some helpful tips to keep your rental property a happy and healthy one:
Keeping your house dry and mould free is essential for a healthy home. Make sure you regularly open windows during the day to let the damp air escape and the dry air in.
Use the extractor fans in your bathroom when showering and kitchen when cooking, also open windows if you have them.
Dry your clothes outside when possible, if you dry them inside be sure to run a dehumidifier or open the windows so the moisture can escape.
Make sure you know where your water main tap is and your switchboard.
As you are living in the property we rely on you to keep the property clean, well presented and maintained while you are living there. 
Your property has maintenance inspections every 12 weeks, be sure to notify your Property Manager if you have any concerns or think there might be a leak in the property.
Smoke Alarms
These should be checked regularly and batteries replaced when necessary. (under the Residential Tenancy Act there is a facility to charge up to $3000 if the battery is removed from smoke alarms)
Grounds Maintenance
Lawns and gardens are to be kept tidy and maintained (unless otherwise stated in your tenancy agreement)