Residential Property Management

Welcome to Accommodation Wanaka
Our company's continued aim is to provide the most comprehensive property management services around. Our products are flexible and built around what clients need in Wanaka's rental marketplace. Landlords can choose from full, seasonal or casual property management packages.
Together with our big brother Queenstown Accommodation Centre, we have a large team of experienced professionals taking care of every aspect in the management of your property. Specialist skills to do a specialist's job.  
Our difference is about better service and better value for clients. Our approach to property management is professional, client focused and tailored to meet all your investment requirements.
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Whether you are looking to build or buy a rental property in Wanaka, we can give you ideas on how to maximise your investment with just a few additions or alterations. 
Changing to Accommodation Wanaka
Changing to Accommodation Wanaka is easy …

Just complete this CHANGEOVER LETTER and return it to us.

We will take care of the rest and work with your current Property Management Company regarding the changeover.

We are proud members of:
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Personalised escorted viewings - A property manager conducts every viewing giving them an opportunity to meet prospective tenants and "sell" the rental property.
Reference, background and credit checks - Reference checking, background checking (depending on country of origin) and NZ credit checks for each tenants.
Tenancy Agreement and bond lodgement - We prepare these, ensure all paperwork is signed and we then lodge the bond with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. The equivalent of four weeks rent is taken as bond in most circumstances. 
Property Condition Reporting - We perform an initial detailed property condition report including digital recording.
Free new tenant inspection - Performed 30 days from the start of a tenancy, we inspect the property to follow up and ensure all is in order with the new tenants. It's just part of our service. 
Property Inspections - We inspect our properties every 3 months using a digital report and time dated photos. 
Tenancy Renewals - We manage the process of renewing a tenancy agreement with existing tenants. This often includes a rental appraisal, where we discuss with you (the owner/landlord) a potential change in the rental amount.
Change of Tenants - Within existing tenancies we manage the process from application to the signing of the updated tenancy agreement and bond lodgement form. 
24 Hour Tenant Emergency Service - If there is a maintenance emergency, the tenants of your property can call our team 24/7 for assistance.
Rent Arrears - We manage tenants to pay their rent on time, ensuring you are paid on time. 
Accounting and Financial Services - Owners are paid twice per month with financial statements provided in real time. We pay maintenance invoices and relevant bills on your behalf from your rental income. End of financial year statements are also provided.